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What is the Tony Soul Project? It is a unique blend of stylistic musicians from diverse backgrounds, melded together to provide Soul Music, yes Soul Music. It is a well tuned dance band. Perhaps the best you will ever see. The Tony Soul Project plays dance music covering rock & roll, soul music (Motown) and blues. We love James Brown, Led Zeppelin, Sly & all the old blues greats but mix in music from all over. Our set list is like nothing you've ever seen and guaranteed to get people dancing. The Tony Soul Project has enough material to cover a full evening of music no matter how long the desired performance time is. Please check out the Media / Assets section for examples of how danceable our shows are!

The Tony Soul Project was born at the Acton Jazz Cafe and the jam sessions of Fran Dagostino. It was there that the current members of the Project met and found a friendly working relationship with one another for the common good of the music. We are professional and demand a "no ego" band approach. In the 2 plus years we have been together we have played over 30 clubs and venues in Central & Eastern Massachusetts. Every show is a hit and the prime directive, "fun for the fans" is always achieved & the top priority for the Tony Soul Project. The first thing your patrons will want to know is when we will be back.

Here's a complete list of the venues we have played. Feel free to contact them and ask about our shows and professionalism. Every venue we play asks to have us back.

  • Acton Jazz Cafe
  • Ancient Order Hibernians Salem, MA
  • Auburn Elks Auburn, MA
  • B's 140 Pub Sterling,MA
  • Back Page Lowell, MA
  • Beatnik's Worcester, MA
  • Black Sheep Tavern, Sterling, MA
  • Bolton Street Tavern, Marlborough, MA
  • Brodie's Seaport Salem, MA
  • C Note Hull, MA
  • Capone's Peabody, MA
  • Celley's Pub & Grub Lynn, MA
  • Center Bar & Grill Worcester, MA
  • The Central Tavern Milford, MA
  • Chicken Bone Framingham, MA
  • Chooche's No. Brookfield, MA
  • Dramatic Club Framingham, MA
  • Dogbar Gloucester, MA
  • Dunny's East Brookfield
  • Firefly's BBQ Marlborough, MA
  • G Williker's Shrewsbury, MA
  • Greendale's Pub, No. Worceste, MA
  • Harvard Fall Festival Harvard, MA
  • Hot Shotz, Leominster, MA
  • Iron Horse Lounge Fitchburg, MA
  • Jasper Hill Bistro Holliston, MA
  • JJ's Sports Bar Northborough, MA

  • Kasbar Worcester, MA
  • Leominster Elks Leominster, MA
  • Liz's Diamond Bar & Grill Hopedale, MA
  • The Local Table Acton, MA
  • Main Streets Market & Cafe Concord, MA
  • Marina Bay Quincy, MA
  • Marine Club Worcester, MA
  • McNally's Gardner, MA
  • Morse Tavern, Natick,MA
  • Next Page Weymouth, MA
  • Olde Post Office Pub Grafton, MA
  • The Otter River Hotel Baldwinville, MA
  • Padavano's Place Worcester, MA
  • Players Rockland, MA
  • Point Breeze Webster, MA
  • RG Scooters Lunenburg, MA
  • Simple Man Saloon Clinton, MA
  • Smoken Joe's BBQ & Blues Boston, MA
  • Steel Pub Athol, MA
  • The Tradesman Milford, MA
  • Toll Booth Tavern, Francestown, NH
  • Toscana's Ristorante W. Peabody, MA
  • Twelve Bellingham, Ma
  • The Uncommon Place Bellingham, MA
  • Viva Bene Worcester, MA
  • Wheelock Inn No. Grafton, MA
  • Wicked Twisted B&G Nashua, NH
Part of our appeal is that we often have local guests at many of our shows. It adds to the party atmosphere we bring to every event. Consequently we are considered a jam band extraordinaire and have had the joy of sharing the stage with many many local notables such as:

  • A Ton of Blues
  • Al Clark
  • Alex MacDonald
  • Alexandria Bianco
  • Alison Keslow
  • Alison Schelin
  • Amanda Cote
  • Andrew Hickman
  • Andy Mims
  • Anthony Santoro
  • Arthur James
  • Billy Kay
  • Bismo Beerbelly
  • Bob Berry
  • Bobby Gosselin
  • Bobby Lynn
  • Brad Faucher
  • Brad Kohl
  • Brett Brumby
  • Brian Grady
  • Bryan Bishop
  • Carlos Folgar
  • Catman Fuller
  • Charlie Dee
  • Charlie Scott
  • Ms. Candice from Chicago
  • Chicago Steve
  • Chris Fitz
  • Chris Terp
  • Chris Tosti
  • Chris Webb
  • Cousins John & Paul from RI
  • Dale Stubbs
  • Dana Bonardi
  • Dan E. Bungee
  • Dan Villani
  • Danny Clark
  • Danny Richard
  • Danny Zug
  • Darren Pinto
  • Dave Fox
  • Dave King
  • Dave Osoff
  • David Kenderian
  • Deke Kenderian
  • Denise Cascione
  • Donn Scott Shetler
  • Dorian Mohar
  • Dottie Nicholas
  • Elayne Fikuki
  • Esther Leveille
  • Fran Dagostino
  • Fred Geer
  • Greg Hodgman
  • Glenn DiTomasso
  • Herb Hirsch
  • Hurricane Bob Matthews
  • Irish/Italian Mike
  • James Voris
  • Jeff "The Buzzard" Rutledge
  • Jeff Beck
  • Jeff Giacomelli
  • Jeff Purchon
  • Jeff Thomas
  • Jerry Santoro
  • Jim Perry
  • Jim Sambataro
  • Joe Downs
  • Joe Mack
  • Joe Raia
  • Joey D'angelo
  • Joey Parfumi
  • Johaan Haas
  • John Abrahamsen
  • John Devine
  • John Donahue
  • Johnny Castillo
  • Johnny Press
  • Joy Reo
  • Kendal Bush
  • Kevin Alexander Herrera
  • Kevin Keith
  • Kokes
  • Lawrence Terry
  • Lee Hawkins
  • Lee Lundy
  • Leslee Christopher
  • Liz Rain
  • Mark Laferriere
  • Mark Montaguila
  • Mark Todd
  • Marty Ayotte
  • Marty Phillips
  • Matt Stubbs
  • Michael Caprioli
  • Michael Robert Kelly
  • Mike Corrado
  • Mike Gianfriddo
  • Mike Lanigan
  • Mike Lynch
  • Neil Krushkowski
  • Papa Joe Bonardi
  • Paul Provost
  • Paul Spagnolia
  • Pete Henderson
  • Ray Perrone
  • Richard Becker
  • Richie Ramuno
  • Ron Belben
  • Ronnie Dagle
  • Ronnie Ouimette
  • Rosemary Casey
  • Russell Watts
  • Samantha Jo
  • Sandy MacDonald
  • Scott Bronnes
  • Scott Damgard
  • Scott Marshall
  • Scott Sheehan
  • Seth Rosenbloom
  • Shikiboo Boston
  • Simon Adamsson
  • Small Change Band
  • Stan Blues Junior
  • Steve Bremner
  • Steve LeClaire
  • Steve Lydon
  • Steve Peabody
  • Steve Vik
  • Thomjon Borges
  • Tom Berardi
  • Tom Goodwin
  • WildCat O'Halloran
  • Yuri the Fury
  • Yvette Rheault


Tony Soul Project Photos:

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Tony Soul Project Videos:

TSP Dares you to Sit Still

TSP @ Firefly's - "Them Changes"

TSP - Little Help From My Freinds

TSP Shake Your Money Maker

TSP W/ Alexandria Bianco - "Rock N' Roll"

TSP - Promo Video


Listen to some Tony Soul Project on SoundCloud. Recorded by WMUL.

Band Logos:

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Press/News Articles:

04/19/13 - Go Local Worcester

WMRC Local Music Spotlight

07/17/14 - Hit Me One Time!

05/02/13 - Worcester Daily Blog


TONY "SOUL" PARENTE - Tony "Soul" grew up with "it" in the mean streets of Boston, where he would hang out and marvel at live music and the SHOW. Being a kid from the burbs, born in Milford, raised in Framingham Tony found soul music just too hard to resist. Spending all his free money on these 45rpm records at Big John's Record Shop right next to the Intermission Lounge where he eventually ended up playing as a nineteen year old. Then the tragedy. Tony's best friend and lead guitar player John Smith was killed in a high speed pursuit on route 128 coming back from a gig. That tragedy caused Tony to quit, cold for 42 years. By chance, he got back into music at the ripe old age of 64. Doing the same music, spiced with updated material and the number of shows and the band's following in various areas of Massachusetts has made this a very worthwhile re-entry into the local music scene.
Alexandria Bianco – Marlborough, MA, Vocals. Alexandria, A powerhouse of a singer has been playing professionally for 3 years, singing for fun since preschool. You can catch her currently in Alexandria's Funk, Mike Girard’s "Big Swing Thing" and the Tony Soul Project. Learning the Blues through Led Zeppelin, she clearly brings a Rock & Roll edge to the Tony Soul Project. She’s been in a few bands such as Chasing Macie and Electric Sorcery and writes many originals with her partner in crime, Jeff Thomas and even her daytime job is all about music. She visits MA & RI nursing homes during the day to sing old and new songs to the residents. Understandably, something she finds incredibly rewarding.
BOB CRAMER – Wayland, MA, electric and slide guitar. Bob is the reason this band exists. It was Bob’s phone call to me in Novenber of 2012 that he had sold a business, was bored and wanted to play music. We started the Tony Soul Delta Blues Project which morphed into the current TSP. Bob is another rocker with amazing talent and intelligence (rare quality). Bobby took up playing slide guitar 14 months ago when we started TSDBP as the Delta was our focus back then. We call Cramer, the Consigliere. Mississippi Bobby, a cool cat.
MICHAEL KALENDERIAN – Mike K, Iggy Mohawk – Lancaster, MA, lead guitar and vocals. This cat just doesn’t know how good he is. His solos are outstanding. He is a rock. He loves doing soul music and has an extensive background playing in various R & B bands over the years. You will not meet a nicer man.
MATT SAMBITO – Lunenburg, MA, bass and vocals. Matt is a seasoned veteran of many blues and country bands in Northern Massachusetts and New Hampshire. His effervescent personality makes old Blue Shoes a fan favorite. As well as being a rock steady musician he also has band leader qualities. Matt is the proud owner of “Stinky” the Wonder Dog and the official dog of TSP.
AL CLARK – Leominster, MA, drums. Al has been drumming professionally since he was 19 year's old. He's beat the skins to a lot of genres from Black Metal, Ska, Rock & Roll to the Blues. A lover of all music Al listens to everything from Suicidal Tendencies to Otis Reading. Al joined A Ton of Blues after playing with them at an open jam and during that time A Ton of Blues won many local and regional awards. In 2012, Al was in Memphis, TN representing Boston in the International Blues challenge and also laying down tracks on the album "Crooked Avenue". Al took a brief hiatus from music but has returned in a big way, joining the Tony Soul Project. Al is now part of one of the tightest Rhythm sections in one of the busiest bands in the state.

Other musicians that sit in with The Tony Soul Project:

PHILLIP DELAINE – Tyngsborough, MA, drums. A powerhouse drummer in the style of Buddy Miles. Another veteran of the Northern, MA/Southern, NH scene, Phil has played mostly rock and funk over the course of his illustrious local music career. We have worked together recently in The Power of Soul, a Jimi Hendrix tribute band and now solely committed to The Project. We call Phil the bus driver. Nuff said. He makes us go.


Contact Tony Parente at tony.move AT or call 508-259-9565

Get more information at our website: The Tony Soul Project Website OR

The Tony Soul Project on Facebook